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15 Facts About Workout That You Never Knew

About fitness and bodybuilding, everyone has personal ideas, information and suggestions. Some of them are seriously science-based while others are just content with rumor. Although I do not know which one of these you agree with, I am sure that you have heard, practiced and maybe advised many of the rumors I wrote below. Let’s expose these myths.

Here below you will find several rumors and also facts. Don’t forget to leave the rumors that you hear about the fitness to comment area.

15 Facts About Workout That You Never Knew

1) Let’s go to the gym, we turn fat into the muscle

Unfortunately, most of the people have such a misunderstanding. People think that being fat is a good thing in fitness and that their fat will turn into muscles when they go to the gym. But you know, pears do not turn into apples. Losing fat and gaining muscle takes place at the same time for a while.

2) Let’s remove the carbohydrate from the diet because carbohydrates are bad.

Carbohydrates are divided into two main types; complex and simple. The simple is the bad one. For example, chocolate, jellybeans, sugar cubes, etc. Pure glucose sources and fruit sugar can be given fructose. But fruit should be consumed because of the vitamins inside the fruit. Fructose is not as bad as glucose. Complex carbohydrates do not raise blood sugar quickly and provide long-term energy to the body. For example; bulgur, whole grain bread, oats, … These should be consumed in a healthy diet. How much you consume is up to your calorie calculation, your need, and workout intensity.

3) Let’s remove the fats from our diet because the fats are also bad.

Many people are not aware of how important fats are for body functions and the regulation of hormones. Every person should consume a certain amount of fat according to their body and routines. Healthy fats you can consume: Raw almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, olive oil, avocados, fish oil … these are healthy fat sources.

4) I need to lose weight, 1-2 hours of cardio.


I saw a lot of people in this idea in the gyms. Many people do cardio for 2 hours or even more. If you do cardio, your heart rate reaches higher than you should, the body enters the catabolic phase; after 2 hours while your aim was burning fat, you start losing muscle. As the body is in extreme loss, it sets itself into maintenance mode and starts storing fat. To be honest, you should do HIIT cardio for 30 minutes. This will be better.

5) We are working out, let’s increase protein consumption.

If you are busy with fitness/bodybuilding, your protein consumption should be higher than ordinary people. Because it makes the body to spend more energy while building and digesting the muscles. 1.5-1.8 gr protein for 1 kg body weight (about 130-150 grams if 80 kg) is enough for you. Bodybuilders can increase it a little more. If you consume too much, you can push the liver and kidney too much. Egg white, turkey/chicken breast, fish, red meats, legumes, and dried nuts are good protein sources.

6) Let’s buy a fat burner, we can easily lose weight.

Most of the fat burners on the market are trash. You can consider the effect of them as a placebo effect. If you take a fat burner and not regulate your diet, none of them will work and you can even gain weight. On the other hand, if you regulate your diet for weight loss, you will lose weight without fat burner. In summary, you can lose weight without a fat burner as well.

7) I am very thin, I will eat whatever I want and I will gain weight.

This is the general opinion of people who have ectomorph body type (who cannot gain weight). Usually, the advice given to them is this. Of course, this is wrong. If you eat sugary, harmful fatty, pastry-style things just to gain weight, you will put the whole body into a meaningless shape. To have a fit body, consume high amounts of complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and proteins.

8) I am overweight, I eat very little and I lose weight.

You can plan to reduce calories too much and lose weight, but things do not work that way. If the body consumes so few calories, it protects itself and stores fats. Besides this, the immune system is weakened, and the person falls to bed on the first sickness.

9) I do not work out, because if I do, my height stops growing.

Especially the weightlifters’ short height makes them believe in this way. For more details, you can read this article, in the post, you can find many details about growing and fitness.

10) Ladies: I do not work out, I do not want to look like a man.

The fact that there is such an idea because of the Olympic bodybuilder women they see on the internet/television. An ordinary woman who works out 3 days a week and follows a diet for her will have a good looking body (bikini body). So there is no need to escape from the fitness.

11) I am taking enough protein powder to have a great body

Taking protein powders doesn’t make your body like Arnold. The most important point of protein powder is mixing with your blood quicker than meat or other protein sources. That’s why don’t put extra meaning to protein powders. Besides this, yes if you take correctly, you can get good results from whey and casein protein powders. If you want to learn more information about how to use supplements, you can read below article.

12) I do fitness/diet for so long, I leave it when I have the body I want.

If you want to have a good body, you should not miss a workout routine for a lifetime. Otherwise, the body will start to get fat again. There is no way to stop the diet and workout. Moreover, as the age progresses, the metabolism will slow down, so there is no way to reduce the time spending on doing sport.

13) What are we going to do with the legs?

Do regular leg exercises, it carries the whole body, and the majority of the muscles in the whole body are there. Also, working out legs increases testosterone. So with working out the legs, you can build more muscle for your upper body too.

14) Diet biscuits are super, I stay fit, very useful.

It is quite a marketing trick. Cancer-effective sweeteners, low fiber content, and low-quality carbohydrates, just to be tasty. Alternatively, add some fruit to the oatmeal and yogurt. Mix and eat. You can’t achieve your goals and your dream body with diet biscuits.

15) When someone quit the fitness, will lose all muscles that he gained.

The truth of the case is: When you quit the fitness, the body says since you do not work out, no need to bring energy and blood to these muscles. So, the muscles shrink but you don’t lose all your gained muscle. You may get injured and have to give a break to your workout. Don’t afraid too much about this issue. If you follow your diet and stick to it, you can protect your body.

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