2 Weeks Best Fat Burning Exercise Plan

In just 2 weeks, you can burn 1 kg of fat by eating a larger dinner and doing below fat burning exercises.Yes, it sounds crazy but the research of Munich university showed that this is a science-based result. Here are the fat burning exercises and some nutrition tips.

Having breakfast like kings is one of the most important things about nutrition. Don’t go to work without having breakfast. If you don’t feed yourself, you can’t build muscle moreover even if you work out day and night you lose muscle without a correct nutrition plan. But there is research that recommends eating less on breakfast. 

Thanks to the researchers of the University of Munich, reducing calorie intake in the morning is more effective at burning fat. As a result, if you don’t have enough time for a proper breakfast, don’t feel bad about drinking shakes after your workout or having a bowl of oats on your table. Instead, keep your enthusiasm for a satisfying dinner. As you know, insulin resistance is lower in the night. Fill your plate with carbs after your evening workouts.

2-week fitness program for fast fat burning

2-week fitness program for fast fat burning

Monday: Full body workout

Tuesday: HIIT workout

Wednesday: Full body workout

Thursday: HIIT workout

Friday: Full body workout

Saturday and Sunday: Rest

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If you start the above training program, you can see a big change in 2 weeks. The above workouts will be good for those who have a fitness background. If you newly started doing fitness, you can follow easier exercises. Besides the training, nutrition is very important too. Even if you do regular exercise, you have to follow a good diet plan too. Otherwise, you burn and get fat at the same time. You can get valuable ideas by reading our nutrition articles.

We shared workout plans that you can do without any equipment. So, if you have to do your fitness at home, you can do like in the gym.

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