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A Few Quick Tips About Workout At Home

To protect ourselves and loved ones against the world-wide outbreak of COVID-19, we should stay at home, do workout at home, and take a break from our social life until this is over. But while isolating ourselves we should take care of our mental and physical health too. The solution to protecting our body and mind health during this outbreak is through regular sports.

10 tips to work out safely at home

1) The first step to keep the immune system good is healthy nutrition.

When planning our meals and the nutrients we should consume correctly, we should not forget to drink water as much as needed. You should leave the idea that drinking water is only important for those who do work out. Drinking water is important for everyone to keep the immune system strong. 

2) Let’s do workout at home light and regularly

An intense workout program should be avoided while doing exercise at home. Instead of exhausting exercises, it will be more suitable to do simple but effective exercises 3-4 times a day for 15-20 minutes. Extra tip to be recognized while making a workout program is to put at least 1 hour of free time before or after mealtime.

3) Methods to speed up metabolism

Home exercises are not that much sweating or fast calorie burning. On the other hand, even warming up exercises on arms, legs, waist, and neck areas speed up the basal metabolism of the body. Especially those who work in front of the computer can do exercise by setting up an alarm every hour.

Workout example for beginners;

  • Warming: Slow jogging. Stretching arms and legs
  • Best exercise for leg muscles: 3 × 10 reps – squat
  • Basic exercise for the pectoral muscles: 3 × 15 reps – push-ups
  • Basic exercise for the core area: 3 × 15 reps – sit up

4) Choosing the correct gym wear and equipment is important

The key to getting performance from a workout at home is to pick the right gym wear… There are many important points need to be checked when choosing fitness equipment. Because choosing the correct equipment both to protect health and increase motivation and strength.

While buying gym wear try to choose materials that dry quickly and breathe despite the possibility of sweating during fitness. Drying and breathing properties are usually said as a plus property on gym wear. That’s why you should ask and be sure. These features both increase body temperature while doing fitness and increase the performance of the workout. 

While choosing the correct fitness equipment, read the customer comments to pick the one which covers your expectations. 

5) Gym wear shouldn’t be too tight

Uncomfortable gym wear should not be preferred in fitness. When working out you shouldn’t ignore the importance of the appropriate gym wear for your body.

Some gym wears can negatively affect your performance, as it limits you from moving comfortably. When choosing gym wear, you should pay attention to that it is flexible enough to move easily. Also, underwear that covers the body perfectly, breathes and absorbs sweat is as important as gym wear.

6) Don’t work out too much

After the Covid-19 outbreak, there is an incredible increase in the level of people doing fitness at home. It sounds good, but most people tend to overdo exercising at home. Excessive or inadequate exercise may not be good for your health and your immune system is affected by this irregularity. The way to reach the best results in all fields of life is to be balanced.

7) Be aware of your fitness level and plan a workout program accordingly

Always follow a workout routine from easy to difficult, from simple to complex. You can make yourself a weekly workout program at home.

8) Create a workout program to exercise 3-4 days a week

Your daily fitness time should not exceed 1 hour. Don’t be concerned that I don’t have equipment at home. Chairs, pillows, water gallons, or bottles can be helpful equipment for you. If you have newly started doing fitness, focus primarily on simpler exercises that you can do easily at home.

9) Check your heart rate

Keep in mind that while doing cardio exercises don’t forget to check your pulse. If you don’t have a heart rate monitor or smartwatch, find your heart rate on the wrist, count for 10 seconds, and multiply it by 6. Being out of breath may not always mean that you are working out properly. Do not go out of the safe limits at the pulse rate. Don’t forget to drink water. Most importantly, rest well and eat right.

10) Regular exercise offers many benefits besides weight management.

If you work out regularly, you will feel happier, your stress level will decrease, your energy rises, your concentration and attention increase, your skin stay pretty. Especially these days, the biggest benefit of regular training is that it strengthens your immune system.

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