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How Can I Build My Biceps and Triceps at Home?

The two important and main muscle groups in your upper arm are the biceps and the triceps. You can work out for these muscle groups with many different workouts. In this post, we will focus on workouts that are easy to work at home. 

If you have a busy schedule on your life you can train your muscles at home with correct exercises. In the current century, it is not easy to spend time on our bodies. We don’t want to feed your excuses but busy work life can push you to work out at home. This is very normal. In this article, we will declare the solution to the question of how to build biceps and triceps at home. With the below exercises, you will experience the growth in the biceps and triceps if you take care of your nutrition and consume protein and amino acid enriched foods.

The only equipment we need is adjustable dumbbells. We recommend you to buy adjustable dumbbells considering the future.

How can I build my biceps at home?

1st Exercise: Dumbbell Curl

The dumbbell curl exercise is one of the common biceps exercises. The common name of this exercise is biceps curl. If you do with dumbbell, you name it as dumbbell curl. If you work out with barbell you name it as barbell curl. 

4 sets x 8 reps 

2nd Exercise: Concentration Curl

Concentration curl is an effective biceps exercise that you can do at home very easily. thanks to the concentration curl exercise, we work out the brachialis muscle, which makes our biceps look bigger. If this small muscle mass is formed, which is very significant, it makes the arms look bigger and bulky.

4 sets x 8 reps 

3rd Exercise: Seated Dumbbell Curl

You can do dumbbell curl exercise by sitting on a chair or stool, as you see in the media. With an extra curl, you pump your biceps and accelerate your muscle development.

4 sets x 8 reps 

4th Exercise: Wrist Curl

One of the best exercises for arm muscles. Many new starters are missing this exercise and underestimating it. Try to add wrist curl exercise into your biceps program. You will see great results after you train 6-8 weeks. It is east to work out wrist curl with both dumbbells and barbells.

4 sets x 12 reps 

How can I build my triceps at home?

1st Exercise: Triceps Extension

You can do triceps extension by standing or sitting with a dumbbell in one hand. Breathe and lower your arm to your neck, then breathe out and take your arm to the starting position. While working out this exercise, feel your triceps working and burning.

4 sets x 8 reps 

2nd Exercise: Triceps Dumbbell Kickback

Triceps dumbbell kickback is another triceps exercise that you can do easily at home. While doing this exercise, you will feel the burning on the back arm. 

4 sets x 10-12 reps

3rd Exercise: Lying Extension

Lie back on the bench or a similar place in the home and extend the dumbbell above your head. The most important point is bending at the elbows. You should keep your elbows fixed then slowly lower the dumbbell down near your head.

4 sets x 10-12 reps

4th Exercise: Dips

Free weight dips and specially weighted dips are a tough exercise that can build intensity and muscle mass in triceps. You should add this exercise to your strength training routine. This exercise also works your shoulders and chest.

4 sets x 12 reps

FAQ: Is it good to work out biceps and triceps same day?

Considering the biceps and triceps are different muscle groups, you can work out both muscle groups same day. It is up to your workout routine.

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