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How Many Times a Week Should I Workout My Chest?

Considering that the muscles develop while resting, it makes no sense to exercise the same muscle area every day. That’s why you can work your chest up to 3 times a week. If we consider other muscle groups, the optimum number of days should be 2 times a week.

How Many Times a Week Should I Workout the Same Muscle Group?

Several methods and workout programs are investigated to increase muscle hypertrophy. These methods and workout programs are generally based on personal analysis and personal experience. Not naturally healthy and reliable.

In the study handled with scientific opinions, training frequency was determined and applied in muscle groups according to the workout routine. Common exercise series of fitness such as biceps, triceps, shoulder, back, legs, and chest were practiced to be done according to your week program and separate according to muscle group.


Many different methods and many kinds of training were used in these 2 different groups. 

  • The first group trained 1 muscle group one time a week. The second group trained 1 muscle group 2 times a week.
  • Muscle biopsy and morphological changes were examined.
  • Traditional, dynamic, concentric, and eccentric muscle contraction phases were implemented.
  • Each group was composed of 10 people and the study lasted 4 weeks.

Conclusion: There was a big difference between the group who did 1 workout for 1 muscle group in a week and the group who did 2 workouts for 1 muscle group in a week in terms of muscle hypertrophy.  

Single workout a week growth effect

0,30 + – 0,7

Two workouts a week growth effects

0.49 + – 0.08

Discussion; While discussions for defining the correct workout number for the same muscle group in a week continue, this study shows that the optimum is 2 days a week for the same muscle group.

Here below you can find the second study on this issue.

“How Often Should You Exercise The Same Muscle In A Week?” Question and Scientific Response

Common Ideas: Muscle growth actually happens while you rest/recover. Training a definite muscle group too often can cause you to go back on your goal, which either slows your muscle building or stops it completely. The best workout routine is to work out a muscle group intensely once a week, and so many bodybuilders do so.

Claim: Training a muscle group more than once a week is much better since it will boost growth more often.


  • According to a study that was done with non-trained participants, the force could not recover completely one week after an intense workout.
  • Research shows that the anabolic reaction time given to training decreases when you train more and more. Therefore, the frequency of training should increase as adaptation increases.
  • Studies show that maximum muscle growth occurs when you train the same muscle group more than once a week. The fastest growth occurs when you train two to three times a week.

Result: If your goal is to gain rapid muscle growth, training at least twice a week for each muscle group will be best for you.

Judgment: You can divide your workouts for each muscle group in several ways to increase frequency. Chest/shoulder/triceps and back/biceps/legs are a 3-day training routine that that is a common workout routine that many people apply to their program. There are also other alternatives that you can divide your workouts into the upper and lower body. Considering that you have enough time for rest and recovery between workouts, full-body workouts can also be effective. Full-body workouts are also easy to apply during your busy schedule.

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