How to Do Abdominal Roll Out

Abdominal Roll Out is not an easy exercise since while working out the muscles in the abdominal group you have to get power from the waist, back and shoulder muscles too.

Muscle GroupsAbdominal, Oblique, Back
Calories Burned (in a minute)6-8 calories (Normal BMI)
Proper BMIUnderweight – Normal weight – Overweight
This exercise is suitable for underweight BMI, normal weight BMI, and overweight BMI. Abdominal Roll Out exercise is not suitable for people aged 65 and over.

Abdominal roll out, which especially works the core, back, and hips, is very effective. If you do regularly, you can see amazing results in a short time. This exercise increases your pulse in a short time and gives you the HIIT effect. It enables you to use your limited time with your HIIT cardio. You must keep your whole body in balance. Such functional exercises activate all your muscles.

Abdominal Roll Out – Exercise Video