How to Do Adductor Jump Squat

Adductor Jump Squat, which works mostly the hip and leg muscle groups, helps to tighten your hips and legs in a very short time. Also this exercise is a good cardio exercise to burn belly fat.

Muscle GroupsHips, Leg
Calories Burned (in a minute)6-8 calories (Normal BMI)
Proper BMIUnderweight – Normal weight – Overweight
This exercise is suitable for underweight BMI, normal weight BMI, and overweight BMI. Abdominal Roll Out exercise is not suitable for people aged 65 and over.
The muscles used in the squat

Adductor Jump Squat works your whole body at the same time. If you work out this exercise regularly and properly, you will experience an effective change in your hip, abdomen, leg, and back muscles.

Pay attention to:

  1. Do not do this exercise until you learn basic squat exercise in a proper way.

  2. Do not hold your breath for a long time.

  3. While doing the exercise, be careful to keep your body form in a balanced.

Adductor Jump Squat – Exercise Video

You can watch the video of how to do adductor jump squat and the tips of the exercise by professional fitness trainers.

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