How to Do Ball Pike Up

Swiss ball pike up is an exercise done by the support of the core area. While doing the exercise, you activate the full body and needs high effort. You can burn high calories with this exercise.

Muscle GroupsCore area, Back, Shoulder
Calories Burned (in a minute)6-8 calories (Normal BMI)
Proper BMIUnderweight – Normal weight – Overweight
This exercise is suitable for underweight BMI, normal weight BMI, and overweight BMI. Abdominal Roll Out exercise is not suitable for people aged 65 and over.
The muscles used in the ball pike up

Swiss ball pike up primarily works the core, back, shoulders, and hips. If you work out this exercise regularly, you can have amazing results in your abdomen. It raises your pulse in a short time and with this opportunity, you will be doing also HIIT exercise.

You work below muscle groups with ball pike up exercise;

  • Core area: Abdomen and obliques
  • Gluteus: Hip
  • Quadriceps: upper front leg
  • Latissimus dorsi: Back
  • Deltoid: Shoulder area

Ball Pike Up – Exercise Video

You can watch the video of how to do ball pike up and the tips of the exercise by professional fitness trainers.

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