How to Do Leg Raise

While doing leg raise exercise, lie down and hold something to keep you stable. Keep your legs straight and raise them. You should raise your legs up to vertical position.

Muscle GroupsUpper Abdomen, Lower Abdomen, Obliques
Calories Burned (in a minute)6-8 calories (Normal BMI)
Proper BMIUnderweight – Normal weight – Overweight
This exercise is suitable for underweight BMI, normal weight BMI, and overweight BMI. Abdominal Roll Out exercise is not suitable for people aged 65 and over.
The muscles used in the leg raise

Leg raise is one of the most effective exercises to work the abs. Catching the right form for leg raise exercise, also known as the hip raise, is important to achieve maximum benefit. There are some tricks for making the exercise in a correct way. Squeeze your abdomen and push your legs upright, the more effective the slower you do the exercise. If applied regularly, you can see amazing changes in your abdomen in a short time. Add such exercises in your workouts with your body weight. It increases your pulse in a short time and gives you HIIT effect.

Leg Raise – Exercise Video

You can watch the video of how to do leg raise and the tips of the exercise by professional fitness trainers.