How to Do Resistance Band Squat

If you are looking for a basic and effective leg exercise, the squat is the best one. Moreover, you can consider this exercise as a full-body exercise. If you want to load more pressure you can do squat with a resistance band. This exercise is called resistance band squat.

Muscle GroupsHips, Leg, Back
Calories Burned (in a minute)6-8 calories (Normal BMI)
Proper BMIUnderweight – Normal weight – Overweight
This exercise is suitable for underweight BMI, normal weight BMI, and overweight BMI. Abdominal Roll Out exercise is not suitable for people aged 65 and over.
resistance band squat muscles worked
The muscles used in the Resistance Band Squat

You can pick a resistance band according to your fitness level. You can start with a light one. Then you increase tension with high-level resistance bands.

Resistance Band Squat – Exercise Video

You can watch the video of how to do Resistance Band Squat and the tips of the exercise by professional fitness trainers.

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