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Possible Preventive Measures Will Be Taken at the Gyms to Fight the Covid-19 Outbreak

All the world is living the effect of Covid-19 in every part of life. There are many rumors about the before and after Covid-19. What about the gyms? Do you have any idea? When will gyms reopen? How will gyms prevent people from Covid-19? What should people do while going gyms and during the time in gyms? Let’s discuss these questions and the latest news about gyms. 

  • Social distance is the most important issue in gyms.
  • After reopening of the gyms, mostly the fever of every member and visitors entering the gym will be measured with a contactless fever meter, and this data will be recorded with the fever meter tracking form.
  • Hand sanitizer will be used at the entrance of the gym.
  • Commitment will be filled by members and visitors.
  • After the shoes are sanitized with a hygienic mat, the contactless card systems or similar systems (eye systems, etc.) will allow people to be taken inside and the members will be able to use the gym according to the social distance rules.

Possible Preventive Measures will be taken at the gyms

Body temperature will be measured with a contactless thermometer at the entrance of the gyms. Beside this, there are several important issues that will be considered as below;

Contactless Payments

Contactless Payment

In this period, members will make all the payments by contactless credit cards.

One Person to be Taken in the Dressing Room

One Person to be Taken in the Dressing Room

Gym staff at the entrance will explain the hygiene rules to the incoming customers. Most probably members will be taken to the dressing rooms one by one. In this period, it may not be possible to use areas such as showers, pools, SPAs. 

There will be enough distance between the cardio machines

There will be enough distance between the cardio machines

According to the social distance rules, the cardio machines will be operated with one in service and one empty or two meters will be compulsory between the cardio and other weight machines.

Air Conditioner is a big problem in the gyms

Air Conditioner is a big problem in the gyms

One way ventilation will be operated continuously and for gyms that this system is not available, the doors and windows will be open. Probably it will be not allowed to use air conditioners in the new period. After reopening the gyms, people will be allowed to take half an hour in the group rooms. After the training, the room will be disinfected again.

There will be many people who will not go to gyms for a long time and will continue with workout at home.

Covid-19 Updates by World Health Organization 

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