Push Pull Workout Routines

Most of you may be tired and even depressed to follow the same full-body workout routine. In this post, we will share a new workout routine with you. Push-pull workout routine! This is a great bodybuilding program. 

Important points of this article,

1) With push-pull workout routine, you will not only learn muscle building and strengthening you will also protect yourself overloading your body.

2) With push-pull workout routine, you will work regularly and burn more fat.

3) Try to work out this program and see the results!

Push-Pull Training Progress Model

Based on my own experience, I would like to say that I have tried almost every training method. Bodybuilding style, Olympic lifter style, powerlifter style, etc. It all worked out, of course, for a while, but only one of them was the most efficient for me. Push-Pull system!

We can describe the method shortly, we do push exercises in one workout and pull exercises in the other. 

Advantages of Push-Pull Workout Routine

You protect your body from excessive stress

Doing overtraining is the most common mistake in bodybuilding. You should know the correct training duration and intensity. Otherwise, you will see losing muscle mass day by day.

If you work out the same muscle group over and over in a very short time (every day), it will reduce your rest time and put excessive stress on your body. Push-Pull training enables your body to rest effectively.

In traditional workout programs, it can be like; chest on Tuesday, shoulder on Wednesday, etc. etc, excuse me, but these are the programs that are written to completely unleash you. In these systems, it means that you will run your triceps in 3 training sessions without resting.

With the Push-Pull workout routine, you stop this stress. Because in 1 workout, you only work out your traction muscles and the other you work out your push muscles.

You will get more muscle and you will burn more fat

With this workout routine, you will go to the gym less and do more functional training and work out larger muscle groups. This will burn more calories and burn more fat.

Let’s come to the disadvantages of the push-pull training system:

  • Quality workout routines always start with great exercises. After working out your muscles with these exercises, it may feel like torture at the end of the training.
  • Sadly, it is not possible to work out directly your biceps in this workout routine. But don’t worry, your biceps will grow more than ever.
  • You will put too much pressure on your nervous system.
  • Squat, deadlift, and press exercises. These exercises tire the nervous system. After doing these exercises, you should give your body 36-48 hours of rest time. But quality muscle mass gains through these exercises, remember.

Push-Pull Workout Routine

  • Monday: Heavy Pull Workout
  • Tuesday: Heavy Push Workout
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: Light / Medium Pull Workout
  • Friday: Light / Medium Push Workout
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: Heavy Pull Workout
  • Monday: Heavy Push Workout
  • Tuesday: Rest

… we continue this way. 2 days of training, 1-day rest.

Monday – Heavy Pull Workout

1a. Deadlift83
1b. Superset with deadlift: Supported Dumbbell Curl83
2a. Weighted Pull-Up83
2b. Straight-Leg Deadlift83
3. Serratus Crunch3-48-10

Training Notes:

  • Rest periods can be 1.5-2 minutes.
  • Do not forget to eat well and rest well!

Tuesday – Heavy Push Workout

1. Front Squat83
2. Guillotine Press (those who cannot do bench press)83
3. Standing Overhead Press83
4. Dip83
5. Leg Press Calf Extension3-48-10

Thursday – Light / Medium Pull Workout

1. Romanian Deadlift46
2. Reverse-Grip EZ Curl46
3. Barbell or Dumbbell Row46
4. Leg Curl46
5. B Shrug46
6. Rear Delt Fly46
7. Cable Crunch3-48-10

Friday – Light / Medium Push Workout

1. Leg Press46
2. Bulgarian Squat46
3. Dumbbell Floor46
4. Dumbbell Fly46
5. Triceps Concentration Extension46
6. Dumbbell Lateral Raise46
7. Overhead Barbell Shrug46
8. Seated Calf Extension3-415-20

Tips for Push-Pull Workout Routine

  • Never, but never underestimate 8 sets of 3 reps. If you are really honest and choose the weight that will struggle you (85% of your maximum 1 repetition), it will kill you!
  • You can rest for 1-2 minutes on heavy days, but do not rest for more than 45 seconds on easy days.
  • The reason we work 2 heavy days in a row is that when the body is rested and fresh, we can give all our strength to the weights.
  • Eat well,
  • Sleep well,
  • Push-Pull workout routine will give you what you want.

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