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Running during the Covid-19 outbreak: How to safely run outside

During the Covid-19 outbreak running alone is safe and makes you healthier.

One of the most challenging conditions of the quarantine days is the pause of connection with the outside and social life. All of us know that this is a very difficult matter considering nobody knows when it will be over. During the Covid-19 outbreak we need to do sports to support our immune system and have a healthier body.

Some of you may be lucky and have enough space to do fitness at your home. But, some do not have enough space at home to work out. The plan of the house, backyard, rooms, and hall may not be suitable for doing fitness and running. In this manner, if you require physical activity to protect especially your mental health, we suggest you to an individual run in the fresh air.

How to safely run outside

Of course, if you decide to run outdoor, there are several rules you need to pay attention to.

  • From the second you move outside the house, you should not get close to anyone, should not engage in dialogue.
  • Remember that you leave from home for a run, not a chat!
  • Secondly, you should protect your distance from people outside. There may be other peoples who do the same activity in the area you are running, set at least 5 meters between you and others.
  • Coronavirus, as you know, is a virus that can be spread by contact. Try not to stand somewhere to stretch or to hold something to get support. Complete your stretching activities without holding anywhere and after your run is over, go home without visiting anywhere. Do not break this rule!
  • After entering the house, first of all, take off your clothes without touching your face, wash your hands with soap for 40 seconds and then take a shower. WHO declared that it is possible to catch Covid-19 if you touch any contaminated surface and then touch your eyes, nose, mouth.
  • Running with a mask is not easy and if you are running in a public never wear N95 mask. If you have to wear mask, experts recommend surgical mask for a healthy breathing.

This activity, which you can do once or twice a week, will help you support your body both physically and mentally!

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