What is Deadlift Exercise? How to Deadlift Correctly

What is Deadlift Exercise?

Deadlift is an exercise that we face to face in many workout programs. Considering the benefits of deadlift we all try to put into our workout routine but on the other hand, we are afraid to practice or misapply it. Even some trainers who do fitness for a long time, work out this exercise wrong. Due to the desire to increase weight in every athlete, we are increasing the weight unnecessarily. Working out the exercises not with the correct techniques, cause injury problems, and also don’t develop our muscles. Deadlift workout has a very special axis, it can cause serious injuries if you practice the exercise wrong. The deadlift training is not a single-acting movement, the deadlift actively works many muscle groups: the front/back leg, hip, waist, back, arms, and core area.

How to Deadlift Correctly

During the deadlift workout, shoulders should be placed back and the most important point that waist, back, and neck should be at the same level.

  • Knees should not go ahead than toes while squatting.
  • Foot soles should be pressed to the ground, and shouldn’t change the position.
  • The feet should be wide as the same level of shoulders wide.
  • While working out the deadlift, boost your hip muscles by squeezing.
  • Always look across.
  • When working out this exercise, the barbell should be very close to your legs. If you move the barbell away from your legs, it becomes both hard and does not work out the muscle groups that we need.

What muscles does deadlift work?

It burns high calories since this exercise works large leg muscles, back and arm muscles, abs, and allows to release many hormones such as testosterone which triggers the growth. In this way, the muscle growth of other muscle groups is also accelerated.

One of the most efficient exercises to increase the general strength of the body is definitely deadlift.

Deadlift has a big effect to improve general body proportions.

It is also a very beneficial workout for the growth of abdominal muscles. In fact, according to studies, deadlift works abdominal muscles up to 3 times more than crunch, which is the basic abdominal muscle exercise we know.

If you do deadlift regularly, it strengthens the back and waist muscles with this opportunity, protects you from pain such as hernias.

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