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Which Mask Should You Wear While Doing Fitness?

Dr. Tasbakan stated that exercising with a mask can be fatal. People who wear masks for a long time while running or doing fitness are life-threatening. N95 type masks may cause difficulty in breathing while doing cardio. There is an accumulation of harmful gas in the blood, which called carbon dioxide. Due to difficulty in breathing carbon dioxide can cause unconsciousness, sudden death.

In the city of Wuhan, China, where a new type of coronavirus appeared, the lungs of a 26-year-old man running with a mask exploded. Doctors told that the patient’s left lung narrowed 90 percent and moved his heart to the right side of his body. After this case, experts started to warn people about the use of the wrong mask.

Risk Warning: N95 Masks

Wearing a mask can be dangerous for your health especially when doing sports and running outdoors. Many people wear masks (N95) that only healthcare workers use and these masks are not good for proper breathing while doing fitness. 

How to Pick a Breathable Mask During Coronavirus

  • Recommended masks to be used in the public are surgical masks. But people unconsciously wear the masks (N95) that healthcare workers wear when they interfere with the patient.
  • These masks (N95) are not the ones that should be used in daily life.
  • The disadvantage of N95 masks is that; while breathing in, it prevents proper breathing and you have to breathe in CO2 instead of O2.
  • CO2 can cause elevated blood, which can lead to death. It can cause consequences like fainting and sudden death. The use of N95 masks, especially in people who do regular sport, is a serious risk.

Recommended mask for running or fitness: Surgical Mask  

The people who will be doing sports in crowded areas in the open area should pay attention to the social distance rule which is 1.5 meters and wearing a surgical mask.

Views of a citizen, Miss Su (37), who regularly sports on the beach, said, “I run routinely. It is very hard to run with a mask. But experts also say that we have to wear a mask while doing sport. But it is not easy.”

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