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Young Bodybuilders Should Know These Facts

We are explaining what should be taken into consideration for those who start bodybuilding or fitness at a young age. Does bodybuilding shorten the height? This and many other questions will be answered.

With the new digital world, increasing awareness and curiosity about fitness at a young age allows us to see young people doing bodybuilding in gyms.

Is it harmful to young people to do fitness? Does fitness/bodybuilding shorten your height? What should be bodybuilding training for young people? These are common questions from young people and their families.

In this post, we tried to answer the questions that you have in mind.

Teenage bodybuilding – Dangerous?

Although the fitness or bodybuilding sport mentioned in this post, you should consider as it is not at the competition level, it just includes endurance and strength exercises. Doing heavy and unconscious bodybuilding exercises is a big risk for young people and children.

There are many speculations and different thoughts about the suggested physical activities before, during, and after adolescence.

Parents are afraid because of these speculations and keeping their children away from gyms. Let’s check these questions one by one.

Does bodybuilding at a young age stunt growth?

To more accurately observe the influence of bodybuilding on height growth, we first need to examine the height growth. How it is happening?

Growth happens in the pineal layer found at the ends of the bones of children and adolescents in growing age. The cells in these plaques proliferate, allowing the bones to grow. Mostly you hear that bodybuilding damages pineal plaques, and accordingly, growth slows and stops. But is it true?

The truth is quite different from this belief!

Recent studies of the American Academy of Pediatrics have shown that weight lifting does not have any negative effect on height growth and cardiovascular disease in young people. Of course, there are a few distinct points in this regard.

use your bodyweight

At early ages, exercise should be done with bodyweight or low weights. Teenagers can check the bodyweight exercises for their workout routines.

Exercises with bodyweight do not put more pressure on pineal plaques (growth plates) than in normal life. So, you can guarantee your height growth in this way. Even if a fracture occurs in the growth plates, the growth may not stop.

Also, working out positively changes hormone levels. That’s why the correct exercise at a young age positively affects the growth of height.

You should find the correct exercise and do it with the correct technique, set, and reps. These are the most important points while planing your routine.

Keep in mind that the pressure points of exercises (on the bones and muscles) are very important. To keep these pressure points in the normal range and area, take your attention to the technique. Besides this, exercise should be done under the supervision of the fitness trainer.

If you are wondering the answer of “Will I Lose Muscle If I Do Cardio?” read the article.

Is it bad to build muscle at a young age?

If you follow the correct workout routine which includes only endurance and strength exercises, you don’t live any problem. But you should ask for help from a personal trainer to do the exercise with the correct technique.

According to recent studies, the frequency of many diseases that may occur in older ages decreases in individuals who start fitness/soccer (doing sport) at a young age.

What is a good age to start bodybuilding?

Experts of the American Academy of Pediatrics state that the age of starting endurance and strength exercises should be at least 8-9. Earlier power and endurance sports can be mentally and physically harmful.

Are supplements safe for kids or teens?

If supplements are used at the right time and dosage, they provide performance, especially in professional athletes aged 15-18. There are too many supplements. You shouldn’t think only whey protein or BCAA. That’s why you shouldn’t use any supplement without asking for approval from an expert or doctor. Before using supplements, you should talk to your doctor, define needs, and use supplements in the proper direction.

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